An LLC or Corporation are separate legal entities designed to separate your business and personal assets.  The key is to start with a complete formation so you are protected.

Our package includes a comprehensive 100-minute training on which state and which entity is best for you.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC is a very popular buisness structure choice.  It may be taxed in four different ways (S or C corp, partnership or disregarded entity).  NCP will make sure the taxation type and number of members match up with the proper operating agreement.

Our package includes a comprehensive 100-minute training on which state and which entity is best for you.

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Not Sure Which Entity or State? No Worries

Our packages include detailed training on which state and entity is best.

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Your Complete Corporation or LLC Formation Includes:

  • 45+ minute video to help you determine the best state and entity.
  • Name check in the state and federal trademark office.
  • Prepare and file articles of incorporation with the state
  • Registered agent service for 12 months
  • A complete LLC record book with the correct operating agreement, membership certificates, LC seal, minutes and resolutions, written instructions, record book review and online video support.
  • Step-by-step training to help you complete each part of your record book.
  • Priority shipping
  • EIN (Employment Identification Number)
  • S Election – 2553 Filed with the IRS (for S corp. election only by the LLC).

Support and Bonuses Included:

  • Video support on each form and step of the process to save you time and keep it simple.
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone support on any questions on the forms or process.
  • Access to our training and support for compliance.
  • Launch Your Business with Confidence Training Video. In this special training you will discover how to properly set up your books, capitalization and formation strategies, and much more.
  • Launch with Confidence Checklist. You will learn all the steps for different strategies including holding safe assets, real estate, foreign qualification and much more.
  • Checklist to help you transition from a sole proprietorship to a separate legal entity.
  • Transition from a Sole Proprietorship to an Entity Checklist. Our master checklist will help you keep on track with important transition.
  • Professional resources as needed for areas like tax, legal, immigration, merchant accounts, business building, funding…